Why, Hello!

I am late to this blogging game.

For someone who works in public relations and social media, who was an editor of blogs and reads a dozens and dozens of bookmarked blogs, I should’ve been doing this years ago.

And I did! I had a haiku blog where, you guessed it, I blogged in haiku poems. I had a blog about downtown Phoenix for class. I had  a blog where the only thing I remember posting was about my newly painted turquoise room.

This one is different. This one is going to stick. Promise.

Plain and simple, I just want to document the times I have here in Phoenix and elsewhere. I like to do cool things! I eat awesome food! I travel to nice places! And I am terrible at taking pictures and I don’t have a journal (but who does?). So, this will be my 21st century documentation in case my memory ceases to exist in later years. (What an awful thing to think about!)

Oh, and why “Mop Top?”

My hair is literally never smooth or looking how I want it to. Life is the same. It is always never smooth and going how you want it to. As a quintessential Virgo, I am constantly fighting the imperfections of an unplanned “tragedies” in life (my life is actually never tragic in real tragedy terms), but I am now excepting that not everything goes the way I want it to go and I am dealing with it. (Cue “Deal with It” meme.)

That’s it. Even though this blog is mainly for me, I do hope you enjoy it!