Love for Emma

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.38.41 PMThere is nothing I love more than Phoenix creatives designing new and beautiful things. My favorite local magazine at the moment is Emma Magazine with the tagline “If Martha Stewart was a twenty-something.” Seriously, someone pulled the pages of this magazine from my brain.

The great read spotlights some of my favorite Phoenix haunts, adorable DIYs, recipes and fashions that are actually my style and it is completely refreshing. I also love the style of photography that captures all the above.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.46.02 PM

In the two issues that have come out, Emma Magazine has had recipes for delicious soups (I am going through this phase where all I want to eat is soup), DIY wood transfers, crepes and “Mama Duds,” which I am not pregnant, but I wanted all of their picks.

One of my favorite part of the magazine are the printables! I printed this cute calendar (with my signature glasses) for my work desk and I can’t wait to use the gift tags.

I was even more in love when I flipped to the next page and saw friend Chelsea Brown in her own spread. Chelsea has the great blog Tea Talk and always shares her great daily outfits and thoughts on Phoenix, so they couldn’t have picked a cooler chick.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.47.50 PMI am so excited to see the next issues of Emma Magazine. I have been pulling ideas from their outfits, decor and recipes, so I can’t wait to be even more inspired. Check out the December and January issues, as well as videos and outtake, at

I am always looking for new magazines to read and love. What are some magazines you are currently reading?


Moving on Up

It was kind of a bad idea for me to start this blog while in the middle of packing up a room I’ve lived in for 13 years and moving to an apartment in downtown Phoenix (well, midtown if you want to get technical). It’s  my first time moving out of the parents’ house, so it’s undoubtedly a big deal.

I’m moving in with a lovely miss and for months we have been searching for the perfect place and buying the perfect furniture and doing everything it takes to move in to a brand new place.

One thing I am most excited about ia making the place our own with our own touches and since I am super cheap and like to save my money, I am looking forwarding to going all Pinterest on the place with tons of DIY crafts. I’ve been scouring the interwebz for ideas upon ideas upon ideas and here are a few (out of many) I’ve bookmarked:

Anthropologie-Inspired Serving Tower

Colored Mason Jars

Gold Confetti Art

Braided Rug

Wish me loads of luck because I am very uncrafty, but I am really wanting to try some cute projects. I’ll be sure to share the final projects here once they are completed.

Are there any crafts you want to try?