Moving on Up

It was kind of a bad idea for me to start this blog while in the middle of packing up a room I’ve lived in for 13 years and moving to an apartment in downtown Phoenix (well, midtown if you want to get technical). It’s ┬ámy first time moving out of the parents’ house, so it’s undoubtedly a big deal.

I’m moving in with a lovely miss and for months we have been searching for the perfect place and buying the perfect furniture and doing everything it takes to move in to a brand new place.

One thing I am most excited about ia making the place our own with our own touches and since I am super cheap and like to save my money, I am looking forwarding to going all Pinterest on the place with tons of DIY crafts. I’ve been scouring the interwebz for ideas upon ideas upon ideas and here are a few (out of many) I’ve bookmarked:

Anthropologie-Inspired Serving Tower

Colored Mason Jars

Gold Confetti Art

Braided Rug

Wish me loads of luck because I am very uncrafty, but I am really wanting to try some cute projects. I’ll be sure to share the final projects here once they are completed.

Are there any crafts you want to try?