Ace of Spade

J.Crew and Kate Spade are my wallet weaknesses. I promise you that I can justify any purchase made from either store. So, you can bet that when I saw that Kate Spade was having a 75% off sale, I was going to purchase a few things (despite my super tight budget).

Well, you just lost a bet. I did not go wild. I bought one lovely plate for a centerpiece. However, Kate Spade’s items are so classic and quirky and fit my style to a tee (and she’s an ASU alumna) and I am pining over a few things:

The Wellesly Rachelle in peacock (basically my dream bag)

Composition Notebook iPhone 4 Case

Skinny Mini Bow Bangle
(My boyfriend bought me one of their idiom bangles last Christmas and this would go perfect with it)

And all of her dresses

One day I will become a millionaire and buy this all. Until then, I will head to the outlet that’s on the way to L.A.


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